Who runs the world?

I love BeyoncĂ©… And recently she had been quite a lot in the news (especially after her amazing performance at Superbowl)!

So it has just been inspiring to draw again after a few weeks really busy with no time for practicing…

I hope this drawing will bring me luck to get tickets to the concert of Queen Bey in London! Fingers crossed…


In the streets of Quimper…

Today, I decided not to stop after my first drawing… So here is this drawing of me in the streets of Quimper!
I am using photos to help me with the drawings… It guides me…
James took this photo when we are walking in the streets of Quimper last November! A very good souvenir!



My first characters…

… My Best Friend Laura & I!

It took me quite a lot of thinking and sketching… before completing this drawing!
It’s a start! There is a lot of progress to make… But feeling happy and motivated to draw some more!
So stay tuned!
* I made this first drawing for Laura’s birthday!



I was very lucky at Christmas as my brother Gaël offered me the 3 books of Joséphine by Pénélope Bagieu. I really enjoyed reading the adventures and love stories of this thirty year old.
The drawing is quite similar to Diglee or Margaux Motin, but also very different at the same time. It might sound crazy, so I suggest you have a look for yourself!





Discovering Diglee

I discovered Diglee at my birthday thanks to my lovely friend who offered me the first book of Diglee!
Absolutely loved it! It was like a revelation… I needed to read some more and come back to my books of Margaux Motin… I needed to try to draw like them!
My boyfriend James, who has excellent artistic skills, kindly gave me some drawing lessons. It was needed 😉
So, here is my first drawing!